LED screens, Scoringboards, Access control

LED screens:

  • – Center Hung LED Scoreboard in 360
  • – LED ring
  • – small and big LED screens, custom tailored for each arena to acheive unique experience
  • – big LED screen
  • – curved LED screen
  • – LED perimeter
  • – outdoor LED surface


  • – tables for timekeeping and scoringboards for different sport types
  • – timekeeping per minute
  • – Piranha LED: high brightness, perfectly readable and reliable scoreboard
  • – table supplemented with LED screens to show other media contents (commercials, group compositions, yellow/red cards, sponsors).

Access control system and ticket purchase system

Turnstyles with boimetric face recogniser

  • – built in „black list” to determinate unwanted persons
  • – secure addmission of more than 700 people per hour
  • – ticket purchase system on the spot and online interface, contact with external ticket offices
  • – visualisation of spectators seats in order to select the best place
  • – ticket reader system (barcode, FRID, QR and NFC)
  • – application for smartphones which makes avaible the venue maps, and makes further itinerary inside of the stadium.
  • – food and beverage orders in VIP sector by using smartphones